Millennial Spotlight, Blake Simon

Blake Simon

Houston, Texas

What inspires you?

Impacting the youth and creating a Legacy

Social Media Handles:

@Blakemotivates on all platforms

Your favorite song currently and the artist:

Currently, Jay Z- Smile
All-time: Jay Z- Song Cry, J Cole- Lost Ones, 2 Pac- Keep Ya Head Up

 Currently reading: 

Nothing at the moment, honestly, I’m a visual learner.  I watch interviews more than I read nowadays.

Favorite food spot in your city:

I don’t have one. It was once Grace’s Café, which is a Caribbean spot, but I’m eating a little better these days. I’m trying to live!

Sweet Tea or Lemonade (it’s a Southern thing):


Describe yourself in one word:


If you attended University/College, where did you graduate:

Prairie View A&M University

Greek Affiliation:

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Favorite place to visit/vacation:

Anywhere with a beach and clear water.

My role in my community is to lead, educate youth, and push the culture forward. I do this by helping students “Transition” to their next level through my platform “The Transition”, which include talks, sessions, and programs mainly based on content in my book.

Background information:

Where are you from? 

I am a native of southwestern Louisiana. I lived in a small town called Kaplan. I later moved to the southwest side of Houston, TX when I was 9 years old. After 2 years, I moved to Missouri City, TX where I spent my adolescent years.

What do you do? How did this “role” come about? How are you best known by others?

My role in my community is to lead, educate youth, and push the culture forward. I do this by helping students “Transition” to their next level through my platform “The Transition”, which include talks, sessions, and programs mainly based on content in my book The Transition Guide & Journal: A Simple Tool for Students to Help Maximize the College Experience. I am also heavily involved in my community as a mentor and volunteer.  I stepped into this role after I made the “jump” in August of 2015 when I resigned from my full-time job to pursue my passion and shift the culture. I believe that I am known as someone who is extremely passionate about what I do.

Did you attend college and/or have formal training in your respective field or industry? If so, please elaborate on the year you graduated and from what institution.

Yes, I attended Prairie View A&M University, where I obtained a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice in 2011 and master’s degree in Counseling in 2016.

What factors of your upbringing influenced your career goals? 

My life experiences have influenced my passion. I was born to parents who were involved with drugs in various ways. As a result, I was raised by a woman who didn’t share the same blood as me but cared for me dearly from the time I was an infant. She passed away when I was 11 years of age, but she always stressed the importance of hard work, discipline, and education, which are all values I carry with me today.  

In addition, experiences such as my lack of focus and guidance throughout my adolescent years influenced my current career. I want to educate youth in the areas I wish someone would have spoken to me about. As a former higher ed professional, I am able to utilize my professional experience to push the culture forward. 

How long have you been in this career? What did you do previously?

I was previously in Higher Education for nearly half of a decade specializing in Financial Aid. I resigned from that job on August 25, 2015. I’ve been grinding it out and pushing the culture full-time since that date.

What long-term goals do you have? What steps are you currently taking in this direction?

Long term, I’ll continue to cement my legacy and impact lives. I am competitive, so I plan to be the best at what I do. Whether its 3 years, 5 years or 10 years. The impact will continue to evolve and I will continue to push the culture forward through speaking, educational resources, and eventually curriculum. In order to make that happen, I surround myself with successful individuals and I grind!

Tell us about your social media presence. Do you use it in your line of work? Why or why not, is it important in your day-to-day responsibilities, platform or career?

I definitely believe that having a social media presence is important for me as a “solo”prenuer. I post daily to add value to the culture in my areas of expertise while spreading awareness about my services and products. Social media also provides an opportunity to connect and engage with individuals I may not be able to reach otherwise. I look forward to continued growth of my social media platforms.

Which public figures, role models and or historical figure shaped your goals as a child and in adulthood? Any that embodies your personal values?

Growing up, most of my influences came in the form of athletes and entertainers such as Kobe Bryant and Shawn “Jay Z” Carter. I love top-notch competitors.  I am currently inspired by Eric Thomas (@etthehiphoppreacher) & my coach/mentor Kendall Ficklin (@kendallficklin)

What does it mean to you to be a millennial? How do you share that with others in your life, those you meet and with your peers?

Millennial is a term I’ve only become familiar with in recent years. Initially, I didn’t refer to myself as a millennial. Mainly because I didn’t grow up being labeled a millennial.  I’ve often referred to the younger generation as true “Millennials”. I was born in the crack era and I found it difficult to see the correlation between that and those that were born in the late 90s/early 2000s. These days, I tend to embrace the term and use as a way to relate to the younger generation, but I don’t place much focus on labels.

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